Baby Massage Classes

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Discover what Baby Massage can do for you and your little one! Our two qualified instructors will guide you through these informative 1-hour classes and help you to acquire this invaluable parenting skill.

Each month we facilitate a 4-week Baby Massage Course, with group classes on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings. Why not join with a friend?

We also offer you the option of choosing a time that best suits your family with our 1-on-1 private classes which are available all week, Monday to Saturday. Register now to learn from a qualified chiropractor in Perth

Benefits of Massage for Babies


Reduce Crying Time


It is proven that Baby Massage will reduce overall crying time.




Wind, Colic, Constipation and Reflux.

Sleep Better

Baby Massage will help regulate sleeping patterns

Plus many more…

21 to be precise!

Reduce Stress

Baby Massage reduces the stress hormone in both babies and parents.

Learn from a qualified professional


Introductory Baby Massage Class: A 1-hour session that will introduce parents, grandparents and/or caregivers to the basics of Baby Massage. You can book this class from Monday to Saturday. This class includes a free, organic, cold-pressed massage oil for you to take home.

Group Baby Massage Course: 4 weeks of 1-hour sessions to teach you everything you need to know about Baby Massage. Courses start at the beginning of each month either on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning. Classes are held each month and includes a free, organic, cold-pressed massage oil for you to take home.

1-on-1 Baby Massage Course (Private Classes): 4 weeks of 1-hour private sessions to teach you everything you need to know about Baby Massage. on a one on one basis. This can be just for you and your baby or you may decide to bring your partner, grandparents or caregivers (up to 3 other adults). This class includes a free, organic, cold-pressed massage oil to take home.

FAQ’S About Baby Massage

What age can I start massaging my baby?

You can start at any time as there is no specific age limit, however children will be less likely to sit still for a massage between the ages on 10 – 13 months as there is so much to explore.

We also encourage expecting mothers who would like to learn baby massage. We will provide you with a doll to practice the techniques on so you can start massaging as soon as your baby is born.

What happens if my baby is asleep during class time?

You can still learn all the massage techniques; our Qualified Instructors will have demonstration dolls on hand for you to use. You can practice your new skills at home when baby is happy to receive a massage.

What do I need to bring for my class?

Simply bring everything you would normally need for an outing with your baby. Baby massage classes run for an hour. More specifically food, a towel or blanket for your baby to lie on during massage, nappies (always a good idea) and spare clothes just in case.

Please remember to dress your baby in clothing that is easy to remove for massage and of course clothing that is comfortable for you. As we will be massaging on the floor you might like to bring a comfy cushion to sit on too.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our Qualified Instructors if you have any questions in regards to Baby Massage and we hope to meet you and your little one in one of our classes very soon.

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