The “I Have No Time” Workout

Unfit because you have no time? Feeling sluggish and slow and out of energy? Not keeping up with the kids like you used to? Think that the only way to shed some of those extra KG’s is to plod on a treadmill for an hour?


How awesome would it be if you could make some serious difference to your waist line in just 15 minutes or less a day… Well you can!

Introducing HIIT -high intensity interval training. In case you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of HIIT it is basically short bursts of really intense exercise followed by a period of recovery and repeated a few times. The idea is maximum effort for maximum results in the shortest amount of time (Huzzah for no more hour long treadmill plods!)

A great book on this is called Fast Exercise by Michael Mosely and Peta Bee. Following is the link to the website related to the book where you can find out more about HIIT:

Basically studies have shown that elevating your heart rate at your maximal effort for even a few minutes a day can improve your health and fitness as well as increase longevity.

I Don't Sweat I SparkleA  HIIT workout 101:

Depending on your fitness level will depend on how long you go for and how long you want to make your intervals.

For a really high intensity workout try tabata: 20secs of work to 10secs of rest. Oh yes. It is as gruelling as it sounds. An example may look like 20 secs fast running or cycling, skipping, jumping or any other heart elevating movement to 10 seconds of slower movement- but keep moving. Try 4 minute rounds with a 1-2 min break in between sets.

For a less intense but effective workout try a longer rest to a longer interval. So say 45sec exercise to 1-2 mins of recovery.

This can be done with literally any exercise so play around and find what works for you.


Exercise of the Week: BURPEES

Created By Chris Ritter

Click here for a video guide to the wonderful exercise that everybody loves to hate.

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