Through the years, the relation between sports and massage therapy has been strengthened. According to a 2008 journal paper by Jason Brummitt, despite the latter’s lack of scientific evidence, sports massage has been the treatment of choice of various athletes, coaches, and even sports physical therapists. Despite its said benefits, the author urged for more studies to identify its effectivity.

In 2011, a research paper by the Australian Association of Massage Therapy shared its results indicating moderate to strong effectivity of massage therapy for nausea & vomiting, anxiety, stress, chronic disease management, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and pulmonary function. It was also found it to be generally safe.

With sports being a physical activity, of course, it’s only natural for it to involve your tissues and muscles. Here are some reasons why sports and massage can be a formidable duo.

Helps the body avoid over-training syndrome

A usual occurrence to athletes on their pre-season training, overtraining syndrome is the result of too much training or too little recovery. Warning signs often include lack of energy, general aches & pains, headaches, and more. 

Prevents injuries and relaxes muscles

A common misconception of sports massage therapy is it’s only used to treat an injury. However, Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy states that it’s also used for injury prevention as well as for relaxation.

Boosts performance before a sports event

With a pre-event sports massage, muscle strains can be eased and injuries can be further averted. It also stimulates muscles for maximum performance.

Prevents DOMS

DOMS is the trauma attained by muscles fibers, causing it to get swollen and sore. Though not a serious condition, a sports massage helps athletes avoid any unnecessary pain.

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