For expecting mothers, their unborn child is everything to them. They would do all the things necessary to protect them and avoid certain activities that can harm their baby. So it’s definitely understandable for them to include massages in the list of things they have to avoid, as it’s another activity that can be assumed as dangerous. But did you know that pregnancy massages exist? These are highly recommended for women to get while they’re waiting for their little one to arrive.

Here’s why a pregnancy massage is a great and safe idea.

Takes care of swelling and pain

Women often experience swelling and joint and nerve pain during pregnancy because of the pressure on blood vessels and the uterus with the growing baby. A massage can fix that right up. The collection of fluids in painful joints is reduced thanks to its revitalizing properties in the body’s tissues. It also effectively reduces sciatic nerve pain. Sure, the pain doesn’t go away, but expecting mums would be happy to know that it does lessen it and make it bearable.

Improves mood and reduces stress

Mums are generally more stressed during pregnancy. Between the anxiety of having to carry a baby safely for 9 months, the constant pain and discomfort, and the lack of rest due to said discomfort, it’s understandable for them to not be at their best. With a massage, the stress hormones are greatly reduced. In turn, happy and relaxing hormones are released which generally puts you in a better mood – the perfect mood to be in when you welcome your pride and joy.

Eases labor experience

One of the most dreaded parts of pregnancy is during the actual labor. The hours of pain can be quite the experience, even if the end result is the baby being born. But studies have shown that massages lessened the pain and even the time it took to give birth. This is good news for a lot of mums who want to make their labor experience a bit easier.

These factors show that getting a pregnancy massage is actually quite safe and beneficial for mums. That being said, you still need to consult if it’s safe to get one during certain stages of the pregnancy. Visit Beechboro Chiropractic & Wellness Centre to know what kind of massage you can get!

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