When babies cry and make a fuss longer than usual, mums can get stressed and worried. As babies can’t speak for themselves, parents tend to overthink, sometimes even think of the worse.

It doesn’t have to be that way, even for new parents. Baby massage is known to help parents with fussy babies. Another way is foot reflexology, which is a type of massage involving different amounts of pressure to the feet. It is said that the foot is connected to our body parts.

Below are techniques you may try to ease your baby’s discomfort:

Head and Teeth

By massaging a baby’s toes, it can relieve pain from the head and teeth area. Do this gentle circular motions on each toe tip. You can also lightly squeeze it, then repeat to the other.


Is your baby having a hard time because of a stuffy nose? The centre of the toes is said to be connected to the sinuses. Thus, pressure on this area can help ease it.


Put gentle pressure on this are to relieve your baby from chest congestion. The balls of the feet is the area connected to the lungs.

Solar Plexus

An upset tummy can get anyone restless, especially when younger. After all, babies have a lower pain threshold than adults. Ease this by massaging the middle part, right under the balls of the feet. Putting your thumb on point, gently put pressure and move it in circular motions.

Upper and lower abdomen

For feelings of constipation and indigestion, putting pressure at the centre of the feet can help, which is linked to the upper abdomen. For lower abdomen problems, rubbing the area before the heel can prove to be helpful.

Babies are precious, thus, taking extra care in doing these massages is a must. You may also consult with your pediatrician should their discomforts persist.

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